We have all been there before: we want to do something very simple in an app or site we are using, but we can’t. We push buttons, search through Settings, scour online forums, and reach out to technical support. Sometimes we get a response. Sometimes we don’t. But usually we give up and find another way. Perhaps we download, sort and filter in Excel. Or create a separate Zoom meeting to point something out. Or imagine and implement any number of workarounds. But the end is the same: friction. Unattractive, unwanted, and frustrating.

We have a certain amount of stamina when it comes to work, whether physical or virtual. After a few hours of packing and moving boxes, we begin to feel the effects on our bodies. Virtual work is no different. After a certain amount of dragging, dropping, typing, sharing, organizing, sorting, filtering, restricting, uploading, installing, searching, and learning, we feel the effects. Decision fatigue. Digital fatigue. Pure, simple, exhaustion. Call it what you will.

Introducing Kaamfu’s first content series: Friction in the Wild. The goal of the Friction in the Wild series is not to shame our competitors or all the awesome digital products created by amazing teams all over the world. We all build friction into our websites and tools whether we want to or not. Even Prospus (our parent company), and Kaamfu. But at Kaamfu, we are on a mission to create virtual workspaces without friction. And so by bringing to light real-world examples of confusing and frustrating examples of friction in the digital workplace, we think we can lead a conversation and learn how to be better. Why? Because that’s our mission.

The idea for the Friction in the Wild series came from our CEO Marc Ragsdale who, when using a popular online marketplace, found he could not accomplish a simple task. He decided then and there that he wanted to document and share these as examples of “friction in the wild”. But he did not just want to point out the stumbles and failures, but try to understand why the decision was made. Is it a result of poor planning? Unexpected growth? Product pivots? Technical shortcomings? Or just because that is how things are. And how, then, could the problem be solved?

So, with some good-natured jabbing fueled by a healthy dose of frustration, but genuinely good intentions, we launch our Friction in the Wild web series. We invite everyone to share their experiences, as well as their insights. #frictionInTheWild