Frequently Asked Questions

Kaamfu does not have any restrictions on data sharing.

No, Kaamfu does not have any storage restrictions.

Yes, anyone can be invited into any workspace. Just be careful of what you share so you do not inadvertently share more information than you intend to with your clients.

Yes, you can track work completion in Kaamfu using our simple Kanban board.

Yes, you can easily view employee workstation screen captures from the Team page. Just click on the Team panel, select the worker you’d like to view, and then toggle into the Activity button at the top of the middle pane and you will see all screenshots laid out in grid format.

Not yet, but we are actively engaged with the largest biometric systems providers and will support several in the next year.

First, the workspace administrator must start the workday. Once the workday is started, anyone invited into the workspace can start their shift and then their tasks.

Kaamfu has a number of smart ways for detecting when employees are not working, or when they have forgotten to stop their clock. Our Workstation Connect desktop application will pause their shift after a period of inactivity. And the same can setting can be configured through Kaamfu Workspace in the browser to pause shifts if workers do not respond in a set amount of time. Ultimately, all shifts will be ended when the workday is ended by the workday administrator.

All workers who use Kaamfu Workstation Connect know that their screen is being captured and shared with their managers. While this is compelling enough to dissuade most users from accessing their social media on company time, the fact that their desktops and active applications are instantly available to their work managers through Kaamfu itself rather than a separate application means workers are additionally careful.

Our competitors specialize in delivering specifically project management tools full of features that we believe most teams do not require. Kaamfu brings together the most critical tools that agencies and teams need in one place. Kaamfu allows work managers to spend the vast majority of their time in our app, rather than clicking between different tools and applications to get the information they need.

There aren’t any user limitations in Kaamfu. Invite as many users into your organization as you’d like, and enjoy our wide range of collaboration tools.

Comments are used primarily for static comments that do not demand immediate response. Chats are more fluid, and are used for lively, engaging multi-way conversation when that is required.

Presently, employee desktop screenshots are captured every 1-5 minutes. Soon we will offer the ability to customize your screen capture intervals.

As with all modern SaaS applications, data is stored in a variety of secure locations. More detail can be provided upon request.

Kaamfu Inc is a US-based Delaware C-Corporation, and our technical team is located in the US, India, and the Philippines.